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Soraya Health Coach

Soraya Health Coach offers a number of unique solutions and detailed plans for weight loss! She presents to the customers her specially developed diets containing unique recipes full of fruits and vegetables, as well as herbal teas, cocktails, and supplements. Her mission focuses on helping people achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle and self-confidence. We have developed a marketing strategy that promotes the brand, engages customers and is also focused on acquiring new ones. We have also created a new website.

By expanding her offer from herbal teas to a huge range of other health and slimming products, Soraya wanted to increase her credibility as a truly healthy brand. Our previous work in this sector drew her attention. Soraya expressed the need for fun, fresh, relevant content that was attractive and easily shared in the Internet channels on social media.


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We started by defining our initial marketing goals, which included:

  • Study the target audiences of SorayaHealthCoach to determine the appropriate topics
  • Developing the unique character of the brand, with the main emphasis on video
  • Developing the content of the presented materials so that they would reflect the company’s mission
  • Ensure that the content strategy is fresh, enjoyable and easy to share and includes various types of publications, e.g. blogs, infographics, downloadable materials.
  • Creating an online shop to sell the product and courses.

If you want to learn more, click the gallery below to view all the project files or use the link to the company’s website.