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Who are we?

Hello! We are social is a digital marketing agency specialized in Social Media Marketing, Branding, Website Design and Video production. We have a large team of professionals who look after the content and creative departments to provide our clients from around the world the best quality in reasonable time and price!

"From the moment the company was founded, the motto was clear - we want to meet interesting people who are ready for changes and innovations in their business and create exciting projects. We want to develop every day and discover new opportunities that the modern world gives us. If you like creative & professional people, we would like to meet with you too" - Javier Cid, CEO

An office environment is boring and you are surrounded by the same 4 walls day after day. Does it sound creative to you? We are not boring, that is why our digital marketing agency doesn’t have walls! We explore and change every day, this definitely sounds exciting and fun. Why don’t you join us?

Since our approach is completely digital, there is no need for complicated schedules! Tell us when and how is good for you, and we will make it right there. No complications mean no problems!

First of all, we will never waste your time. We make sure you get exactly what you are expecting.

We treat our customers as our partners, they represent our best work.

Communication is a key word for us. When you speak, we listen and understand, so everyone is happy!

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Our Skills

  • Social Media 100%

  • Branding & Design 100%

  • Wordpress 100%

  • Email Marketing 100%

  • Video Production 100%