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Why is it worth investing in video marketing?

Why is it worth investing in video marketing? The creation of a short movie or multimedia presentation has until recently been associated with entrepreneurs with a large financial investment and a form of advertising reserved only for big players. We have got used to the fact that television is the main channel for the distribution of advertising films, which was connected with another expenditure on the so-called airtime. Today, we live in a completely different reality! Along with the development of the Internet and new opportunities offered by social networking sites, basically, everyone can afford such kind of marketing activities.

Why is it worth investing in video marketing? It’s good to know that when investing in advertising films, you decide on one of the most effective sales tools and very effectively strengthen your brand awareness among customers. Where do we get that confidence? What do you think?- what attracts more the recipients’ attention: text, graphics or video? The statistics are clear about that and show that it is the video that definitely dominates the written text in the world of advertisement.

Statistics do not lie, so it’s definitely worth including video presentations of your products and services to your marketing strategy today! What will you notice for sure?

Higher ROI

ROI is an indicator of return on investment

Research conducted by Google in 2013 -2016 showed that advertising on the YouTube website in 77% brings a greater return on investment than advertising on TV with the same expenditure of expenses. What it comes from? First of all, video on the web is much cheaper. Secondly, the Internet is used by a large number of people, especially young people. Some of them even give up completely from television for, say, YouTube. Such large ranges are just a recipe for a high ROI.

Increase in sales

That is something that every company wants to achieve. And How do you sell more without investing large sums? One of the ways is video marketing.

According to all statistics, a video that is published on the landing page of an advertising campaign increases sales conversion by up to 80%. There is no other form of advertising that would bring such spectacular results.

Impact on purchasing decisions

Basically, all the customers are visuals. We buy what we like visually, so we prefer to watch a video presentation of the product before making a purchase decision than to read articles or specifications about it.

 Generating a larger range

Ranges are the bane of today’s marketer. Everyone who advertises their services on the Internet knows that the key to success is reaching the largest number of recipients.

Videos are a remedy for this ill, as they are made available in social networks such as Facebook and generate as much as 1200% more shares than text and photos combined!

Arousing interest

As we have already mentioned, people are visuals. We do not just like and prefer to watch a moving picture than to read, but we also remember information communicated in this way better. Take advantage of this fact by providing information about your products and services in the form of the video!

 Invoking emotions

Not only the transmission of information but also strong emotional crowns are best transmitted through video productions. This is the basis of marketing activities and building brand awareness. A well-designed video advertisement makes the person who watches it identify with the message and more willingly reaches for the advertised product. This is one of the best branding strategies!

Involvement of recipients

Why is it worth investing in video marketing? The biggest advantage of video marketing is that it uses the trend of Internet users to watch movies. Did you know that Internet users watch videos for about 75% of the time they spend online? You can not ignore this information and do not invest in your own promotional video.


The growing popularity of the company

Video advertising is growing in popularity for a reason. Entrepreneurs see that the results of its broadcast on the Internet are amazing and far outweigh what can be achieved in other media. Did you know that as many as 93% of people dealing with online marketing use video advertising? They use it for promotion, sale, and communication with clients of a given brand. These statistics speak for themselves. Thus, in the lightest words, not using a video advertisement can be described as carelessness.

A video ad has huge marketing potential that can be of great benefit to your company when used skillfully. Marketers decide on this form of advertising due to its diversity. An additional advantage is that you can easily overtake your competition. All you need is a well-planned and professionally made video ad so that potential customers choose your offer and do not pay attention to traditional promotional materials from companies in your industry. We hope you have it more clear now, why is it worth investing in video marketing?

Amaze your clients. With video advertising, it’s easier than you think! Contact us today and we will be more than happy to create a video for you and your company!



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